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Range Hood Parts

RangeHoodsInc.com offers a Range Hood Parts category for your convenience. On this web page you may find accessories and parts for your range hood which you may want to order up front or may want to order later in the life of your appliance. These parts may enhance the function of the range hood or help you make the most out of your purchase. RangeHoodInc.com makes it easy by offering you everything you need for your range hood in the same place so you will not need to order parts from different websites.


Range hood parts offered on the website include different types of range hood filters, ductless venting kits for different range hood mounting styles, halogen light bulbs, light wiring harness kits, range hood extensions and more.


Ductless Venting Kit

A ductless venting kit is necessary for homeowners who do not want to install ductwork or do not want their range hood to vent air to the outside of the home. A ductless option is not as effective at venting kitchen air, but it is appropriate for those who do not have the ability to install ductwork. A ductless range hood works by filtering grease from the kitchen air and re-circulating the air back into the kitchen. The ductless option works with charcoal filters. Remember to clean the casing for the filters and replace filters if you cook with this option.


Range Hood Extensions

Chimney extensions make it possible for you to install the range hood of your choice without worrying about how tall your kitchen ceiling is. (Many kitchen ceilings are too tall for a range hood to be installed without an extension.) Extensions are available for wall mount range hoods and island range hoods to fit the needs of your individual kitchen.


Range Hood Filters

RangeHoodsInc.com carries aluminum, baffle and charcoal filters. Charcoal filers are used with ductless range hoods and need to be replaced regularly. Aluminum and baffle filters are dishwasher-friendly, which makes cleaning easy. Aluminum filters remove grease from the kitchen air. Baffle filters serve the same purpose and offer a stylish, professional look.


Halogen Bulbs

Halogen light bulbs will need to be replaced from time to time on your range hood. These light bulbs provide necessary stove top lighting for when you are cooking in low lighting or want extra light for cooking.


Other range hood parts offered on the website include light wiring harness kits, which are included with the purchase of your range hood but are also available separately here, electronic circuit board and tempered glass.