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Insert Liner Range Hoods

Insert liner range hoods filter air in the kitchen to reduce indoor air pollution, and they vent air containing harmful gases outside of the home. They also remove undesirable smells and smoke that occur during cooking. Insert liner range hoods come with many of the same features as wall mount range hoods, island range hoods and under cabinet range hoods.


RangeHoodsInc.com carries a wide array of insert liner range hoods in different colors, styles and shapes. The features included depend upon the model.


Reasons for Buying an Insert Liner Range Hood

Choosing the style of your range hood and how and where it will mount in your kitchen depends upon the layout of your kitchen and your cabinetry. Some homeowners choose to purchase an insert liner range hood, rather than a wall mount range hood, because they have a range against a wall and wish to hide their range hood within unique and/or custom cabinetry. Some of the insert liner range hoods we offer are pyramid shaped, have two tiers or are flush. The dimensions vary with each model to fit your needs.


An insert liner range hood offers the possibility of different design options for decorating and upgrading your kitchen. The insert liner range hoods cannot be seen at eye level and are completely hidden within decorative cabinetry. The controls for the range hood are underneath the hood and also cannot be seen at eye level. With this option at your disposal, your kitchen upgrade or remodel can take on new looks and modern kitchen styles.


In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, our range hoods also function well to remove unwanted air from the home. An insert liner range hood will effectively protect your cabinetry from the grease and smoke that is produced from cooking with your range. The range hoods offered on RangeHoodInc.com vent air outside, keeping your kitchen and your lungs cleaner. Range hoods also keep harmful gases, such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, from building up inside your home.


Installation and Features

We carry insert liner range hoods from Cavaliere and Imperial. The features included in each range hood depend upon the brand and the model you are considering. The size and shape you choose will depend upon the measurements of your kitchen and range. Insert liner range hoods may be built to go against the wall and inside a cabinet or inside an exterior above a kitchen island. Our range hoods are built with durable stainless steel, and depending upon the model, come with centrifugal blowers of different strengths, stainless steel baffle filters, built-in halogen lights for stove top lighting, speed touch controls, dual blowers, single air ring fan, differing vent sizes and one-year limited factory warranty.