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Island Range Hoods

Island range hoods are mounted from the ceiling and cover cooking surfaces on a kitchen island. Island range hoods are an excellent use of space and are often the focal point of a kitchen. They also make cooking at an island possible by providing powerful kitchen ventilation 30” to 36” from the cooking surface.


Reasons for Installing an Island Range Hood

Island range hoods offer the use of a power fan that extends from the ceiling. Proper kitchen ventilation from your range hood protects your kitchen’s cabinets, appliances and range from getting dirty or damaged by unwanted smoke and grease in the air. The range hood effectively redirects smoke, grease and odors outside of the home so that cooking can be a social and enjoyable activity.


Updating your Kitchen with an Island Range Hood

Island range hoods bring elegance and convenience to a kitchen. The range hoods offered on RangeHoodsInc.com are built with brushed stainless steel. Range hoods fitted over an island also come in different looks for different kitchen styles. Whether you are looking for a more traditional or modern look, we have the range hood for you.


Island range hoods are designed to be aesthetically pleasing from different angles of the kitchen. Oftentimes, kitchen islands include a bar and stools; thus, the island range hood will also be between those eating at the bar and the cook. Some range hoods are tented and some are accented with tempered glass canopies. Others have two tiers to provide extra kitchen storage for cooking supplies. We also have range hoods with a low profile, or thinner hood, for an ultra modern look.


Installing an Island Range Hood and Features

Our island range hoods are easy to install, especially with a professional contractor. We carry island range hoods that are 30” wide to 72” wide. Before ordering a range hood, measure your kitchen to ensure that you receive the correct size. The island range hood should cover the cooking surface and an additional three inches on each size for optimal functionality.


Our range hoods come with a one-year limited factory warranty and differing features. Depending upon the model, the island range hoods are available with 22 gauge brushed stainless steel, touch control, 600, 860 or 900 CFM centrifugal blowers for airflow, different levels of speed and venting size, fans and motors. Additionally, island mount light wiring harness kits are available separately. Island range hoods can be converted to a ductless option with the use of filters.