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Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Kitchen range hoods mounted under a cabinet make it possible to cook and fry food in residential homes. This is especially helpful in apartment living or in smaller homes. Our under cabinet range hoods come in brushed stainless steel and some models come in different colors, such as black, silver and white. Additionally, some models come in various sizes to fit your personal needs. Under cabinet range hoods open up a range of possibilities by allowing range hoods to fit into smaller spaces and provide you with the kitchen ventilation you need in your everyday life.


Reasons to Choose an Under Cabinet Range Hood

Under cabinet range hoods have a shorter profile and take up less space. They are mounted on the wall and under a cabinet. They are placed above the kitchen range to ensure the best ventilation possible. RangeHoodsInc.com offers a multitude of sizes and styles to fit any kitchen, whether you are upgrading, replacing an older range hood or remodeling your entire kitchen. We have modern, sleek looking range hoods that will bring elegance and the latest technology into your kitchen. Under cabinet range hoods also ventilate the kitchen without covering up decorative paint, tile or accents on the wall the range sits against. Flip through the product images on individual product pages to see images of our range hoods installed in homes so you can picture the model in use and see how aesthetically pleasing they are.


Installation and Features of an Under Cabinet Range Hood

Our professional range hood products come with a one-year limited warranty and are available in 24” wide to 48” wide. RangeHoodInc.com carries under cabinet range hoods from Cavaliere and Imperial. The included features depend upon the model and type you are purchasing. Common features include remote control, halogen lights, air-ring fan, CFM airflow (ranging from 190 to 1000), aluminum mesh screen, dual or single chamber motors, oversized squirrel cage, electronic button control panel, heat sensor, baffle filters, delayed power shut off, dishwasher-friendly aluminum grease filters and heat sensitive auto speed (HSAS) function. It is recommended that you have your new unit installed by a professional contractor.